The Opticom System


The Opticom System offers electronic ordering of Optical lens products sold by participating vendors. By ordering through Opticom you can place all of your lens orders electronically in one convenient step. Our services that are supported by these manufacturers are available at no cost to the laboratory.

Opticom Ordering Options:


Order your lenses on-line using our Product Search / Ordering feature to access our complete on-line lens data base. When you select a specific lens product, the entire available range will display in a matrix format; sphere and cylinder powers for finished products, and add powers and base curves for semi-finished products. Ordering is easy, fast and accurate.

If you want to re-order lenses using a barcode scanner, use our Replacement Ordering feature. An optional barcode reader can be connected to your PC to scan your lens barcodes.


Using your lab management system (LMS) to create a purchase order file, your data can be sent through the internet via FTP and a detailed order confirmation will be emailed back to you.

More Information:

Opticom receives, saves, sorts and transmits your orders to 40 different manufacturer/distributors. Many optical laboratories throughout the U.S., from the largest to the smallest, already use the Opticom system for fast, accurate and reliable lens ordering.

We receive orders 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Orders are transmitted to each manufacturer 34 times a day (Monday - Friday) ensuring same-day shipments on orders.

To help you manage your inventory, a monthly usage report (emailed in PDF format) listing the products you ordered by manufacturer is available upon request.

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